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I'm am considered by my clients and colleagues, as a highly seasoned, dynamic, and ambitious executive with a 25-year record of achievements in brand enforcement, sales, marketing, communications, and creative solutions.  I've spent much of my professional career engaged in entrepreneurial ventures within the media, entertainment, and health sectors.  I offer excellent enterprise-level negotiations, directing strategic national and global marketing initiatives, communications, and distribution. New career search in progress connecting diverse professional experience with recent Masters Degree in Organizational Communication and Marketing. 

  • CXO
  • Director | VP level in Communications, Marketing, People, and Production
  • Global Level Marketing and Sales
  • 360 Project Management & Development
  • Photo & Video Production
  • Executive & Senior Producer
  • Organizational Behavior | Development | Change
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Human Resources

My professional, practical, academic, and real world trial-by-fire experience provide me a unique skill set for this variety of sectors and positions.