Welcome to my electronic resume & portfolio.  If you made it here, you must be interested in seeing more.  I encourage you to take a little time to watch my video introductions, check out my resume and references, dig into my biography & portfolio, or contact me.  

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I'm am considered by my clients and colleagues, as a highly seasoned, dynamic, and ambitious executive with a 25-year record of achievements in brand enforcement, sales, marketing, communications, and creative solutions.  Much of my professional career has been spent engaging in entrepreneurial ventures within the media, entertainment, and health sectors.  Educating and mentoring young, creative minds has been the most fulfilling reward I have received on this journey.

Today, I search for new career challenges and a new journey that will provide continued fulfillment while allowing me a platform to combine professional knowledge with recent advanced academic achievements.  

  • Professor of Practice | Film and Television Production | Marketing and Distribution | International Sales
  • Director & VP Communications | Marketing | People | Production
  • Executive Producer
  • Film | Video | Photography Production Managememt
  • Media Relations
  • 360 Project Management & Development
  • Global Level Marketing and Sales
  • CXO
  • Organizational Behavior | Development | Change
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Human Resources

Professional, practical, academic, and real world trial-by-fire experience equips me with a unique skill set applying to a variety of industry sectors and functions.

Thank you for visiting,

George Michael Kostuch